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10 Feb 2024

“Naaku Kallu Aata” during KHEL KHOJ 2024

Nakku Kallu Aata was organized by the School of ECE as a part of Khel Khol 2024. This game is a very ancient traditional outdoor four player game played by the children of past generations, until the late 1960s and 1980s, in many rural districts of Andra Pradesh state. The origin of this game is unknown. Today this game has completely vanished due to urbanization and invasion of western games. This game improves teamwork and coordination. 

Event Description: Four players stand in their squares and four stones one above the other are placed at the center. The objective of each player is to have a stone without being captured by the Danner. The objective of the Denner is to capture the players who move in their way.  


“Naaku Kallu Aata” during KHEL KHOJ 2024