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20 Dec 2022

Panchavaktram @ Guwahati

Pañcavaktraṁ is a production by the School of Performing Arts & Indic Studies, REVA University that highlights the five faces of Śiva – Sadāśiva and elaborates on them through significant stories from Indian mythology. The five faces are Sadyojāta, Vāmadeva, Aghora, Tatpuruṣa, and Eśāna and they are embodied through the five elements of nature or the Pañcabhūta - Bhūmi, Jala, Agni, Vāyu, and Akāśa. 

This production is of tremendous significance in the contemporary context. Pañcavaktraṁ which is initiated as a commitment towards society and creates an awareness about the art and helps revive our age-old tradition and culture. The piece showcases the confluence of the five elements of Nature that are an integral part of the Indian spiritual identity. As a part of the first phase of our campaign, we will be performing in Hyderabad on the 11th of November, 2022. While in Bengaluru, the performance is on November 16th. The performance in New Delhi is on November 26, 2022.
For more details about the programme, you can contact Datta Pasumarthi: +91970370831.

-16th November 2022
Bengaluru venue-Kuvempu Auditorium, REVA University.

Bengaluru Event Registration link:

-26th November 2022
New Delhi Venue- Fountain Lawn, India International Centre, New Delhi

New Delhi Event Registraction link:

-09th December 2022
 Chennai Venue - The Music Academy Madras,T.T.K. Road Royapettah, Chennai

Chennai Event Registraction link:

20th December (Guwahati)
Guwahati Venue - Pragjyoti ITA Centre for Performing Arts, MG Road, Machkhowa, Guwahati

Guwahati Event Registraction link:

Panchavaktram @ Guwahati