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08 Sep 2021

Report of Case Study on PIYAS Wellness Center 

Report on Case Study – PIYAS Wellness Center 
Dates- 8th September 2021

Organized by 
School of Architecture, REVA University, Bangalore, India

No of Students - 28 (3rd Semester, A-Section)
Faculty members: Ar Sanjeev Kapoor, Ar S Kokhil, Ar Gopisainath

School of Architecture, REVA University conducted an experiential learning session on Wellness Centre as a part of Architectural Design course for 3rd semester students at PIYAS holistic Centre, Bangalore on 8th September 2021. Students were enthralled to see the building and centre which was meant for therapy and wellness but had to be designed in a busy, noisy, polluted node in the city was the challenge. What struck us most when we visited the location was the presence of a huge Canon Ball tree.
The plan was such that the building weaved around the existing tree not just physically but also phenomenally in a way it becomes part of the experience. The second important thing was modern interpretation of traditional jail screen. The yoga hall was then conceived to be on the terrace with a column free space away from the noise of the streets.

Students got to learn about various spaces and the area required for different types of therapies. Zoning of the spaces (Public/Private, Outpatient/Inpatient) along with pedestrian circulation and vehicular circulation was studied.

The jali screen enabled them to cut down the harsh sound from the street traffic and It also cut the harsh light that would infiltrate the interiors. The jali was constructed out of ferro-concrete to enable the complex pattern desired.
The students also attended an interactive session with the Director Dr.Mahendra and They discussed the philosophy and also the concept behind the building(5 elements of the earth and the body parts).

We would like to thank the management and Director school of Architecture, REVA University for their support and constant encouragement towards our endeavours.

Report of Case Study on PIYAS Wellness Center