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22 Jun 2021

Report on 2 Day Design Conclave on New Product Ideas

Report on 2 Day Design Conclave on New Product Ideas
On 22nd and 23rd June 2021

No of Participants- 54
Resource Person: Ar. Suman D. Nanjappa, Principal Architect, Taller-S Designs
Coordinated by Ar. Sriviji Nachimuthu., Assistant Professor, RUSOA

Link to recorded session- 
Day 01:

Day 02:

School of Architecture, REVA University organized an online 2-Day Design conclave on new product ideas on 22nd and 23rd of June 2021. Students of final year Architecture, had developed furniture/products based on the theme ‘Pirouette’ as a part of their curriculum. A total of 16 groups presented their new product ideas infront of our resource person Ar. Suman D Nanjappa and several other dignitaries like Dr. Bhagavanulu, Dr. KiranKumari Patil, Director, UIIC, Dr. Vimala Swamy and Director Vidya Srikanth. The programme was held on MS Teams Platform. 

Day 01: (22nd June 2021) Inauguration commenced with a brief welcome speech by Prof. Vidya Srikanth, Director School of Architecture. Prof. Vidya Srikanth welcomed all participants and gave a brief introduction about the Design Conclave and agenda. Prof. Vidya Srikanth invited Dr. Bagavanulu to express his thoughts on innovation and research in field of Architecture, which was followed by Dr. Vimala Swamy and Dr. Kirankumari Patil. The virtual inauguration ended with a brief introduction about the resource person Ar. Suman D Nanjappa, Principal Architect, Taller- S Designs. 

Following the inauguration students of tenth semester B.Arch. presented their new product ideas developed during the last 3 months. A total of 10 groups presented their furniture design ideas on the design brief ‘Pirouette’. The products varied from furniture for Arthritis patients, outdoor furniture, Multipurpose furniture, kids modular furniture to Urban/ street furniture. 

Day 02: On day 2, a total of 6 groups of students presented their ideas on ‘Design of a helmet’. Students presented design solution for products varying from a smart helmet for motorcycle, a miner’s helmet to foldable helmet for Bi-cycle.

Each presentation included framework, user group analysis, a research phase (research of existing similar products in the market and comparative analysis, a concept stage (which included a complector diagram, mood boards and conceptual sketches), product details, usage scenarios and value and potential of the product. 

Day 2 ended with closing remarks by the resource person Ar. Suman D Nanjappa. He suggested that we could take few of the projects to next stage by making prototypes and applying for Design patent. 

The whole event was moderated by Ar. Sriviji Nachimuthu, Assistant Professor at REVA university. 

Feedback from Students:

Ginelle and Group: The Design Conclave was conducted in an easy and straightforward manner where each group was allowed to give a full presentation without being interrupted by the moderator- which I feel allowed us to put our thoughts forward more clearly. The resource person himself was very interactive and made us comfortable enough to have a discussion rather than just a one-sided set of comments. This back and forth allowed us to defend our thought processes and ideas. Overall, I think our group has benefitted from understanding other avenues & thought processes for the future of our product through this Design Conclave.

Sharron and Group: We feel the Design conclave gave us new insights into the design possibilities. The juror pointed us out the technical design flaws and how it could be executed in the right direction. It also gave us the confidence to work more on it and bring the product to light one day.

Report on 2 Day Design Conclave on New Product Ideas