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Report on 32nd Webinar | Reva University
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29 Mar 2022

Report on 32nd Webinar


Department of Chemistry, School of Applied Sciences, REVA University, Bangalore, organized 32nd webinar on “Fenton Reactions: From Classical to Advancements” on 29th March 2022 from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM through MS teams.

Resource Person:
Dr. Girish Kumar S, PhD.,
Associate Professor,
CMR University,

Dr. Girish Kumar has obtained the Ph.D degree (2012) from Department of Chemistry, Bangalore University, Bangalore and completed his post-doctoral studies (D. S. Kothari Post-Doctoral Fellowship August 2012 – August 2015)

Under the supervision of Prof. K. S. R. Koteswara Rao at Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. also, he has served as Instructor for Undergraduate Research Programme (Chemistry Discipline) at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, INDIA. At present he is working as Associate Professor at Department of Chemistry, CMR University.

He has been active in the interdisciplinary area of scientific research relating to photocatalysis and photovoltaics associated with materials chemistry and physics since 2006. The research during the Ph.D regime (2006-2012) was focused on the advanced oxidation processes like semiconductor photocatalysis and photo-Fenton process for the wastewater purification. The study on the phase transition among the titania polymorphs using wet chemical approaches and sensitization of titania with size tunable quantum dots are his other interests. Till date, he has published 44 research articles that have more than 5900 citations with an h-index 28. He is also holding the position of Associate Editor for ‘Chemical Papers-SPRINGER’ and ‘Applied Surface Science Advances- ELSEVIER’ along with potential member in the Reviewer Panel Committee, RSC Advances. He has been recognized as ‘Top 2% world scientist’ by the survey conducted by ‘Stanford University, USA (2019 and 2021) and ‘Top 1% reviewer’ by the Publons (2018 and 2019). He has reviewed more than 1300 research manuscripts across the spectrum of more than 100 national/international journals and recognized as ‘Outstanding Reviewer’ by many international peer reviewed journals.

He is currently working on advancing the Fenton reactions through exploring iron particles or iron-copper particles and also on the synthesis of pyridine based organic compounds using inorganic nanomaterials. Also, semiconductor photocatalysis and phase transition among titania polymorphs are his other research interests.

The main highlights of his talk include.

  • Impotence of Fenton reagents.
  • Role of Fenton reagent, its properties, and mechanistic aspects.
  • Discussed the advancement in Fenton reactions.
  • Explained about applications and further development of Fenton reagent.

This talk was very informative especially for those who are working in the area of photocatalysis. Almost all MSc chemistry students, research scholars and faculty of REVA University, researchers from various parts of India and abroad have attended through MS teams. More than 100 members have been registered and participated in the webinar.

On behalf of REVA family, we would like to thank the guest speaker, Dr. Girish Kumar S, Associate Professor, CMR University, Bengaluru for delivering research expert talk.

We would like to thank our Honorable Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju Sir for providing all facility, support and encouragement to organize such events. We also thank to our Vice-Chancellor and Registrar. We extend thanks to our Deputy Director, School of Applied Sciences Prof. Shilpa for encouragement towards academic activities of the school.

Thank you.

Dr. H. Nagarajaiah
Organizer and Student Club Coordinator.

Dr. Madhusudhana Reddy
Coordinator, Department of Chemistry, School of Applied Sciences.