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12 Sep 2021

Report on NASA Day

Report on NASA Day

Dates- 12th & 13th September

Organized by NASA India, Zone 5, Bengaluru

Reva University School of Architecture in collaboration with other architecture colleges of Bengaluru and BBMP on account of NASA DAY 13th of September 2021 students volunteered for a cleanliness drive and transforming a place by painting a public wall.
The students on 12th of September, in collaboration with BBMP cleaned the surroundings and the wall in order to proceed with the application of a base white primer and on 13th of September the students sketched out the design and completed the painting. The wall painting design reflected this year’s NASA India’s theme - Grassroots, and the idea of Unity in Diversity.
This initiative had been taken to contribute a little we can towards our society and to make our city vibrant and colourful.
Location: Yelahanka new town, Behind Poorna Prajna Education Centre Bangalore, Karnataka, 560064.
We would like to thank the management and Director school of Architecture, REVA University for their support and constant encouragement towards our endeavours.

Thank you,
Vaishnavi Vijayakumar Lakhotiya, Unit Designee
Alen Joseph Martin, Unit Secretary

Report on NASA Day