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29 Sep 2021

Report on One Day Industrial Training and Certification Programme

Report on One Day Industrial Training and Certification Programme

“The process of connecting the academic knowledge to the required industrial needs is a very important bridge that transforms engineering graduates into an industry worthy personal”.

Name of The Event: One Day Industrial Training and Certification Programme 
Industry: BiOZEEN Engineering Centre, Bangalore Biotech Labs Pvt. Ltd
Aim of the Programme: Providing an ecosystem for engineering students to understand the needs, expected skill sets and requirements of Biopharma Industries.
Organised by: Department of Bioelectronics Engineering, School of Multidisciplinary Studies, REVA UNIVERSITY
Date: Wednesday, 29th September 2021.
Trainees: II Year B.Tech. Bioelectronics Engineering graduates & faculty.
Training Modules: 
1.    Bioreactor Design of Pilot plant scale bioreactors
2.    Upstream processing of Bioprocess and products
3.    Downstream processing Bioprocess and products 
4.    Mammalian cell culture Facility 

The training programme started with the presentation of Dr Nalliah, Scientist Biozeen, on the Industrial scale manufacturing process of Hepatitis B Recombinant Vaccine with emphasis on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines such as QA and QC regulations. Further the student group visited Biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility to understand the process of Upstream and Downstream conditions at Industrial scale. Student group also visited Mammalian cell culture facility and Bioreactor design facility. 
During their visit, the students came across the working principle and the operation procedures of prime instruments of the biopharmaceutical industry such as

1. Phase Contrast Microscope
2. Different types of Capsids used in the filtration
3. Capsules (filter + housing)
4. Electrophoresis instrumentation
5. Ion- exchange chromatography
6. Ultrafiltration
7. Ultracentrifugation
8. Microbial fermentation using 125 Ltr capacity bio-Pilot plant scale Bioreactor.

Students also came across different sizes of the Bioreactor wherein they learnt about the scaling up process. Team also visited the Wet heat (Autoclave) & Dry heat (Hot air Oven) automated continuous sterilization setup used for sterilization and the cleaning of industrial scale Bioreactors. 

The One-day Training programme gave industrial insights connected to the Theory and Practical lab sessions of the course: Industrial Biotechnology. 

We profoundly thank Honorable Chancellor sir and Vice Chancellor sir for their motivation and support. 

Report on One Day Industrial Training and Certification Programme