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12 Aug 2022

Report On Poster Making Competition

Venue: Room No- 607, Swami Vivekananda Block. Organising Committee: School of Management Studies.

Poster Making Competition, the proposed event under the Theme of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav organized by The School of Management Studies has been held successfully on 12th August 2022 for the occasion of 75th Independence Day of India.

The foremost aim of Poster Making Competition is to spread the feeling of patriotism with the help of creativity. It helps to celebrate and commemorate the 75 years of independent India and the majestic history of the freedom movement, its people, culture, and achievements.

Students have been informed about this event allowing them to register prior and the registered students have enthusiastically taken part in the event and made the event successful.

The final judgement was made by Dr. Nitu Ghosh, Director, School of Management Studies and Prof Nagaraju, Academic Vertical Head, Prof Venkat Swamy, Academic Vertical Head. The rubrics of the judgement were Relevance to the theme, Originality, Creativity and the message conveyed by the poster.


Under the guidance of Faculty Coordinator Prof Manasa N, Student Coordinators Mr Nishith Kumar, Mr Hanan and Ms Preethi have well informed students of the department prior, so that registrations of interested participants begin earlier.

After closure of registration portal, Confirmation from Registered Participants has been taken via provided Contact info which has been followed by preparation of participants list and seating allotment.

Participants List:

REVA Corporate Advisory Board

Sl. No Student Name SRN/ Application No Programme Semester
1 Anurag Mishra 22110236692 BBA 1st Sem
2 Arthur Joshua 22110239726 BBA DualSpec 1st Sem
3 Mala Ram 22110139080 BBA 1st Sem
4 Midhili Rajesh 22110239219 BBA 1st Sem
5 Naresh M 22110134237 BBA 1st Sem
6 Neeraj Somaiya 22110136476 BBA IND INT 1st Sem
7 Nishad Sourabh 221101338681 BBA 1st Sem
8 P. Charishma 22110135163 BBA DualSpec 1st Sem
9 Punith N 22110139033 BBA IND INT 1st Sem
10 Radhika 22100142602 BBA 1st Sem
11 Rahul Sen 22100236524 BCOM HONS 1st Sem
12 Shaik Asma Anjum 22110140049 NA 1st Sem
13 Umme Sara 22110238677 BBA 1st Sem
14 Vasundhara Verma 22110238657 BBA NVC 1st Sem
15 Virgil Zelfica 22110235968 BBA 1st Sem
16 Vishal Kumar 22110140720 NA 1st Sem
17 E. Kavya 22110137606 BBA 1st Sem
18 Sahana Raju 22110239075 BBA 1st Sem
19 Shalini Tiwari 22110141224 BBA 1st Sem
20 Ruth 22110239455 BBA 1st Sem
21 Pavanshi 21MA073 BBA 3st Sem


Participants have showed initiative when they volunteered to take part in the event and coordinators have shown great leadership skills by coordinating as a team, incorporating suggestions from others, and delegating work tasks.

Judgement Results:

Few Photos of the Event Enclosed with the report:

Report On Poster Making Competition