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27 Nov 2021

Seminar on Inscriptions

A Seminar on Significance of Inscription was held for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. We had many students from different stream of Arts taken part in this seminar

The first day was an introduction to Inscriptions. The word Inscription is derived from a Latin word Inscriber which means “to write upon”. What is Inscriptions? What are its Significance? How they were used in different time zone? How and what were its main purpose? These are the questions that were answered.

We saw many examples pictures from the Ashokan Inscriptions on how they were carved on stone slabs to render some of the most beautiful temple work which is preserved to this day.

Some of them were Raya Asoka of Kanaganahalli, Junagadh Inscriptions, Alexander’s Inscriptions, Pulakeshin Inscriptions, Thirupati temple Inscriptions and many more

It was a really inspiring and motivating seminar about Inscriptions. As a beginners in this topic the students were motivated to study further and the interest towards the topic was doubled. Dr Anuradha was a bundle of energy who kept the session more interactive and interesting we awaited for the next day as we wanted to know more

The second day was just as interesting as the first. Dr V Anuradha was back with her energy and motivated all as they explored an extensive collection of Inscriptions

Today we sow Terra cotta Inscriptions; bone Inscriptions, wooden bark Inscriptions, gold Inscriptions, Pam leaves Inscriptions, stone Inscriptions, metal Inscriptions and many more. The second day shed more light on the topic of Sati and Veera kalu,

Sati kalu gave more prominence towards the females which were the queens or the mistress of the king, wife’s of the warriors etc

Vera Kalu gave more prominence towards the males Which were about the king , warrior or war or a hero etc,

The Pandya Royal emblem ,Hoysala statues , and many more were discussed. Inscriptions telling the storied of the history and the culture of that time were an inspiration to budding students. Every inscription had an unique story and a message to the future generation

The seminar was a really a big eye-opener to all of us who were looking for for a basic understanding of Inscriptions and ancient History.

Seminar on Inscriptions