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29 May 2021

Technical Seminar on “Cognitive IoT”

Club name: IoT Club

Number of participants: 400 students

Webinar on Cognitive IoT was organized on 29th May 2021. The resource person was Dr. Pethuru Raj, Chief Architect and Vice President Jio Cloud Services Division Reliance Jio Platforms Ltd, Bengaluru, for students of all semester through MS Teams. The main purpose of the webinar was to enhance the skills of the student on IoT with cognitive technology. The students gained experience on how to work on IoT with cognitive technology and the way cognitive IoT improves the way of interaction with devices at a faster rate. Students learned about the importance of Cognitive IoT and how it can improve the transmission performance through establishing dynamic routing, searching optimal transmission path adaptively and optimizing configuration of each node in the network.

Attendance: Session was online, Link is attached.

Technical Seminar on “Cognitive IoT”