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04 May 2023

World Multidisciplinary Conference 2023

The World Multidisciplinary Conference 2023 curated by the School of Performing Arts & Indic Studies, REVA University will be held on May 4th & 5th, 2023. The conference will have eminent academician and subject expert Dr M K Shridhar and eminent Sanskritist Vidwan K Narayanan Potti (President - Kantaloor Veda Sala, Thiruvananthapuram) as keynote speakers. Esteemed orators Dr S Jayalakshmi, Dr Gayathri and Dr Akshatha will also join as chairpersons. We also have interesting paper presentations followed by unique Bharatanatyam presentations and interactive panel discussions inclusive of eminent panellists such as Dr Padmaja Suresh,  Dr. Malini Ravishankar, Sri Satyanarayana Raju & Dr Seshadri Iyengar.
The conference has an exciting line up of presentations, panel discussions, workshops & demonstrations on Gollakalapam, Talaavadhaana - Nrityaavadhana etc. The paper presentations will have engrossing topics such as the Rich legacy of scriptures, epics, Puranas and their relation to science and technology, Dance, Temple Architecture, Music, Theatre, the Influence of Technology on Performing Arts, the Importance of Inter-Disciplinary Fields etc.

World Multidisciplinary Conference 2023