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Summer/Winter Schools

Rasa Yana The Essence Of Dance And Heritage Of India

This 5-day workshop aims to provide a bird’s eye view of the rich repository of Indian dance and dance sculptures of ancient temples. It would provide a comprehensive understanding of the formation and transformation of Indian classical dance traditions. In addition, the workshop would explore the interrelationship of dance sculptures and dance movements in the Indian context. The knowledge of the three- dimensional aspect of Indian dance and heritage such as the ancient texts and treatises, sculptures and performative aspects of Indian dances would be imparted during the workshop.

Course outcome

By the end of the course students will be able to-

  • Understand and appreciate the essence of classical dance traditions.
  • Document (both videography and photography) the classical dance traditions of India.
  • Able to draw inferences on the converging elements of temple dance sculptures and dances.
  • Document (video and photo) the dance traditions and temple sculptures.

Course objectives

The main objectives are to -

  • Impart the knowledge of Indian classical dance traditions.
  • Understand the importance of tangible and intangible heritage related to Indian classical dance traditions.
  • Comprehend the interrelationship of dance sculptures in ancient temples and Indian dance.
  • Identify and categorise various classical dance traditions of India.
  • Develop an analytical understanding of the uniting elements of music, dance, mime, theatre and other performative aspects.

Outline of the workshop Day

Day 1

Morning (Venue - SoPA Studio at REVA University campus)

  • Welcome, introduction and ice breaking session
  • Structure and significance of the workshop
  • Agenda of the workshop and detailed itinerary
  • Afternoon - Lecture demonstration of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. Interactive session
  • Evening visit to Someshvara temple
  • Night halt at the guest house, REVA University

Day 2

Morning (Venue - SoPA Studio at REVA University campus)

  • Morning - Lecture demonstration of Kathak and Odissi. Interactive session
  • Hands on experience in doing the make-up for classical dances
  • Afternoon- Lecture demonstration of Mohiniattam. Interactive session. Lecture on dance history, aesthetics
  • Evening - Outdoor- (City auditorium) Live show of one of the classical dance traditions

Day 3

Morning (Venue - SoPA Studio at REVA University campus)

  • Early morning start for Mysore – Heritage city – which was an epicentre forthe development of dance and music in the courts of the Mysore palace
  • Morning spent at Mysore visiting the Palace, Ashtanga yoga centre and a dance institute
  • After lunch head for the cities of Belur and Halebidu, the twin towns that house the most intricately carved temples in the history of Indian architecture

Day 4

Morning (Venue - SoPA Studio at REVA University campus)

  • Morning spent studying the Sculptures of Belur followed by Halebidu with a lunch break in between.
  • Evening head back to Bengaluru city

Day 5

Morning (Venue - SoPA Studio at REVA University campus)

  • Day spent documenting and making reports on the previous four days of the work shop and collating photos and videos taken
  • End with each one speaking for 3 minutes on their experience at the work shop
  • Presentations by student groups
  • Award of workshop completion certificates to the participants
  • Night stay at the guest house