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REVA logo depicts ‘Srivatsa’ or “the endless knot”. The Srivatsa has rich significance in Indian Symbolism- in the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Chief among its varied interpretations is that it represents the interplay of opposite forces in the world and a final merging of the dual, leading to harmony. It binds and connects all the stakeholders- the teacher and the learner at one level, and at another level connects the individual units of the institution to make it a harmonious whole.

The ‘endless knot’ signifies the continuous process of learning which has neither a beginning nor an end. In the Tibetan branch of Buddhism, the endless knot signifies both wisdom and compassion which are essential in making the teaching-learning process meaningful and productive. Finally, the logo in its digitized version embodies the institution’s blend of tradition and technology – a blend that signifies change and evolution at the individual and collective level and finally the societal level.