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School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

SL.NO Club Name Description Task Leads
1 Danza and Beats Dance, singing and Dramatics Prof. K Nethra
2 Social Outreach Club Social Outreach activities Prof. Ashwini Kumari and Prof. Pavan B
3 Circuit Debugging Club Electrical and Electronics Circuit Debugging Prof. Pavan B
3 Vihangama Video and Photography Prof. Adithya B
4 Mind Bogglers Rubix Cubes, Chess, and Quiz Prof. Arpita Banik
5 The creative Pod Art, and Sketches Prof. Christina S
6 Fearless and Flawless WGRC (Woman oriented talks/ Debates/Public Speaking) Prof. Saahithi S
7 Design Thinking Club Poster and idea presentation Prof. Rajini H and Prof. Adithya B
8 Heritage Club Religious and cultural events Prof. Manish Bharat
9 Code chef Club Programming, Algorithms and Hackathon Prof. Anil Kumar D B