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School of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Details of Books


Sl.No. Name(s) of Author Title of Book/ Book Chapter Name of Publisher Year ISBN number
1 Dr. Manjula R B; Dr. SunilKumar S. Manvi A Survey on Health Care Services Using Wireless Sensor Networks Springer 2015-2016 9781-4666-39867
2 Susan Thomas Chapter-3 Electromagnetic perspective of Tensors Chapter5-Design optimization of cloaks Springer Nature 2016-2017 978-981-10-3835-8
3 Dr. P I Basarkod Trust Model for Secure Routing and Localizing Malicious Attackers in WSN Springer Nature 2017-2018 978-981-10-3934-8
4 Dr. G Seshikala and Mr Rangaswamy  Preprocessing of Lung Images with a Novel
Image Denoising Technique for Enhancing
the Quality and Performance (Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics 28)
Springer 2017-2018 978-3-319-71767-8_29
5 Sujay Angadi, R. Venkata Siva Reddy Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies (Survey on Sentiment Analysis from Affective Multimodal Content) Springer 2018-2019 978-981-13-1927-3
6 Naveen S., Kounte M.R In Search of the Future Technologies: Fusion of Machine Learning, Fog and Edge Computing in the Internet of Things Springer 2019-2020 978-3-030-24643-3
7 Kamble S.J., Kounte M.R Enabling Technologies for Internet of Vehicles Springer 2019-2020 978-3-030-24643-3
8 Shrikant S Tangade Blockchain based Solutions for Authentication in Internet of Vehicles (IoV) Apple Academic Press 2019-2020 Accepted
9  Sunilkumar S. Manvi and Shrikant Tangade Deep Learning based Intelligent Driver Assistance Controller for Autonomous Vehicles springer 2019-2020 Accepted
10 Sachin Bhat, G. Seshikala Character Recognition of Tulu Script using convolution Neural Network Springer Singapore 2020-21 2194-5357
11 R Venkata Siva Reddy, V. Viswanatha Research on State Space Modelling, Stability Analysis and PID/PIDN Control of DC-DC Converter for Digital Implementation Springer Singapore 2020-21 Print ISBN978-981-15-5557-2
12 Dr Manjunath R Kounte Distributing the cloud into Fog and Edge: New weather in IoT based Deep Learning IGI Global Publication 2020-21 978-3-030-24643-3
13 Dr Manjunath R Kounte Oil Spill Detection and Confrontation Using Instance Segmentation and Swarm Intelligence Springer 2020-21 978-981-16-1055-4
15 Nikith Tabasum, Dr. Geeta , Dr. R.C. Biradar Joint Position Estimation and Synchronization of Clocks in WSN,", Proceedings of Sixth International Congress on Information and Communication Technology in Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 235. pp. 409-418 Springer Nature 2020-21 978-981-16-2376-9
16 Shrikant S. Tangade A Survey on Security and Safety in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs) Cloud Springer 2020-21 978-981-16-1055-4
17 Raveendra Gudodagi, R. Venkata Siva Reddy, Mohammed Riyaz Ahmed Deep Learning Algorithm for Procedure and Network Inference for Genomic Data springer 2020-21 1876-1100
18 Raveendra Gudodagi, R. Venkata Siva Reddy Encryption and Decryption of Secure Data for Diverse Genomes Springer Singapore 2020-21 1876-1100
19 Gyanappa A Walikar, Rajashekar C. Biradar Vineyard management using Internet of Things: An Intelligent solution to improve the Yield and Quality of Grape Production Springer Singapore 2020-21 Accepted
20 Dr Manjunath R Kounte, Helen K Joy Deep CNN Depth Decision in Intra Prediction IGI Global Publication 2021-22 978-981-16-4943-1
21 Dr Manjunath R Kounte, Soumyalatha Distributing the Cloud into Fog and Edge: New Weather in IoT Based Deep Learning Springer, Singapore 2021-22 978-981-16-6407-6