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School of Electronics and Communication Engineering

The School of Electronics and Communication Engineering headed by a highly experienced and research focused Professor and is supported by well qualified faculty members. The school has the state-of-art class rooms and well equipped laboratories.

It offers B. Tech., M. Tech. and PhD programs in various specialized streams. The curriculum of both the graduate and the post graduate degree programs has been designed to meet the current industry trends. B. Tech program aims to prepare human resources to play a leading role in the continuing adventure of modern automated systems using electronics, communications technologies, robotics blended with AI/ML. The programs offer numerous choices of study for the students based on interest in the current state of art technology.

Apart from fundamental courses in Electronics and Communication Engineering, the school facilitates to study in four streams such as Circuits and Devices, Communication Engineering, Signal Processing and Programming. Students are at liberty to choose from these streams in higher semesters. This is reflected in various core subjects offered within the program. B Tech Electronics and Computer Engineering and B Tech in Robotics and Automation have been introduced in the school that gives wide scope of interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary studies to meet current industry needs.

The Master degree programs focus on research and design in the core and IT industries, building and marketing the next generation of product development. These programs provide an opportunity to explore newer dimensions in cutting edge technologies like Electronic Circuits and Communication, Signal Processing and Computer Networks, VLSI and Embedded Systems and pursue research in interested domains for doctoral degree.

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Center of Excellence


The School of Electronics and Communication Engineering is envisioned to be a leading centre of higher learning with academic excellence in the field of electronics and communication engineering blended by research and innovation in tune with changing technological and cultural challenges supported with leadership qualities, ethical and moral values.

Our Mission

  • Establish a unique learning environment to enable the students to face the challenges in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and explore multidisciplinary which serve the societal requirements.
  • Create state-of-the-art laboratories, resources and exposure to the current industrial trends to enable students to develop skills for solving complex technological problems of current times and also provide a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities.
  • Promote the establishment of Centers of Excellence in niche technology areas to nurture the spirit of innovation and creativity among faculty and students.
  • Offer ethical and moral value based education by promoting activities which inculcate the leadership qualities, patriotism and set high benchmarks to serve the society.

Director's Message

Dr. K.M Sudharshan

Professor and Director, School of ECE

School of Electronics and Communication Engineering Director's Message

Since the inception of REVA University, School of Electronics and Communication Engineering is involved in implementing following best practices in various dimensions such as academics, research, outreach activities, student development programs, project based and research based learning, student centric learning, student competitions, industry and in-house internships, abroad internships, skill enhancement activities, motivation for competitive exams, course based projects, research based projects, mini projects, major projects and industry mentored projects, multidisciplinary projects, industry visits, technical talks by industry and academicians, certification programs, etc. Individual students are taken care by strong mentoring system wherein faculty members are not only allotted as mentors to students, but also, they will act as local guardians and they will have constant follow up with mentees in regard to academic and personal issues till students complete the degree.

The curriculum is carefully designed to meet the current industry trends and also to provide insight into future technology developments that lead to inculcate lifelong learning abilities in students. Board of Studies (BoS) comprises people from academics, industry, alumni and current students which form the strong backbone for our programs wherein constant updates happen in contents/subjects every semester based on current industry needs. Curriculum has good mix of foundation courses, hardcore courses, softcore courses, practical and projects along with open electives on par with global education standards.

Student’s welfare is given utmost priority at School of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Advanced learning methods are adopted to make learning truly interactive. More focus is on discussion and practical applications rather than rote learning. Notes/handouts/video contents/quizzes are given and critical thinking questions are asked to test understanding. Experienced, well qualified and friendly faculty members always strive hard to provide best of education to students. The faculty members have number of publications in reputed national and international journals/conferences. The school is also involved in funded research projects.

I am sure the students choosing B Tech and M. Tech programs in School of Electronics and Communication Engineering in REVA University will enjoy the curriculum, teaching and learning environment, well equipped laboratories, digital classrooms infrastructure and the experienced teachers involvement and guidance.