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School of Mechanical Engineering

The R&D centre was established from the School of Mechanical Engineering

R&D Centre

The R&D centre was established from the School of Mechanical Engineering, REVA University during the year 2018. The centre focus on research and development related works in the field of metallurgy and materials, design and biofuels.

The R&D offers disciplinary and interdisciplinary research work under the guidance of research supervisors. The important aspect of the centre is the development of research activity, to bring research culture and to enhance the writing skills to publish the technical papers in peer reviewed journals at national and international levels.

The deep knowledge about the research culture and enhancement of writing skills are mainly emphasized among the research scholars in various fields such as materials, design and biofuels.

The R&D centre also works on interdisciplinary research works in collaboration with other departments such as civil engineering, telecommunication engineering and agricultural science. The research group comprises of professor of REVA University and professors of other foreign universities with sophisticated international standard instruments of different disciplines. The faculty members at R&D centre, REVA University carryout the research in their interested domains with the research scholars of REVA University and other reputed foreign universities.

R&D centre for material characterization was established in the year 2018. The research facility was setup mainly with the motto of inspiring the UG and PG students and also to provide the opportunities for the research scholars to characterize the materials by using different characterization techniques. The school is active in collaborative work with EFD Induction Bengaluru and Toyota Kirloskar.

The thrust areas of research are as follows:

  • Metals and alloys
  • Composite materials
  • Advanced materials
  • Ceramics
  • Biomaterials
  • Nano materials
  • Bio fuels
  • Vibration analysis of different materials
  • Magneto rheological fluids

Instruments available In R&D Centre:

  • Optical metallurgical Microscope
  • Pin-on-disc wear testing machine
  • Planetary ball milling
  • Cryomilling
  • Micro Vickers hardness testing machine
  • Tensile, compression-cum-fatigue testing machine
  • Rheometer 
  • Vibrometer
  • FFT Analyser
Sr.No Labs
1 Research & Development center-1 (Material Characterization)
2 Research & Development center-2 (Design & Dynamics)
3 REVA-Toyota center of excellnce-1
4 REVA-Toyota center of excellence-1
5 Mechatronics Lab-1
6 Mechatronics Lab-2
7 Project Lab-1 (skill development center)
8 Project Lab-2
9 Basic Workshop Lab-1
10 Material Testing Lab-1
Sr.No Labs
11 Casting & Forging Lab / Manufacturing Technology Lab
12 Machine Shop-1
13 Mechanical Measurements &Metrology Lab
14 Energy conversion Lab/Heat Engine Lab-1
15 Fluid Machinery Lab-1
16 Heat Transfer Lab
17 CAMA/CIM& Automation Lab
18 Design Lab / Design & Dynamics Lab
19 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing Lab-1
20 Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab