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Saket Savarn

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Saket Savarn

About Me

My name is Saket Savarn, currently studying in 3rd Year while pursuing B.Tech. in CSe in REVA University, Bangalore.

I am a core member of the Developer Student Club (DSC by Google) and also the Vice-President at IEEE REVA.

I have always been a keen learner and hence have tried my hand at lot of things like my hobby to play guitar, keyboard, reading books and organizing events to learn to network with people. In the process, I have handled many events at my college for DSC and IEEE and many other events like Developer Weekend.

My love for programming began when I came across python in my 11th std and have been ever since being coding in it as my primary language.

Besides this I am currently interning at RACE (REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence) as Teaching Assistant and Arena Animation as a python trainer. I have also worked as a free-lance trainer for python for 10 Seconds

Technical Skills

  • Python (Advanced Level)
  • Python Django
  • Web Development (Intermediate Level)
  • C and C++ (Intermediate Level)
  • Machine Learning and AI in Python (Intermediate Level)
  • Shell scripting & Linux (Intermediate Level)
  • Volunteer in Developer Weekend 2019.
  • Organized smart class: “Python and ML” For IEEE Reva.
  • Conducted sessions on Python and Git for DSC study camps.
  • 4330th World rank at Google Hashcode among millions of participants.
  • Top 10 teams for “Actions on Google” for making “Washroom Savior”
  • 1st prize in Coding Competition organized by RACIT, REVA.
  • Made “D.I.V.A” or Dynamic Intelligent Virtual Assistant as mini-project based on NLP, bot and Virtual Assistant technology.
  • “Conway’s Game of Life” Based on Cellular Automata in Python.
  • Automated Web-scraper using Python.
  • Online Virus Scanner using Web APIs and Python.
  • ML based projects on Object Detection and Image Recognition.
  • And many more in works.