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Shivendra Saurav

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Shivendra Saurav

About Me

I am Teaching Assistant at RACE (REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence) and Content Creator for the YouTube channel The Code Drop. I have been designing and developing websites and webapps for a couple of years now. I have participated in many hackathons and has won a lot of them. Maybe you want a music app, maybe you want a web page for your brand, or maybe you want to make Conway's Game of Life, I can do all that and much more.

Technical Skills

There are variety of Skills I possess, a few of them are.

Tools and Technologies:

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Materialize, Fluent Design for Web, JavaScript ES6, JSON, PHP, React, React Native, Node JS, Mongo DB, MySQL, Service Workers, C, C++, Python

Industry Knowledge:

User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Wireframing, Web Design, Web Development, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programmeming, Responsive Web Design, App Design, Frontend Development

(Event Winner / Event Participation)

A few of my achievements in order of recency are:

  • Speaker at DSC OMG
  • 3rd place in JEEVA SAMRAKSHAK HACKATHON 2020 – REVA University
  • Contribution in Covid-19 India - GitHub
  • Instructor for Front End Development Workshop – DSC REVA University
  • Hacktoberfest 2019
  • Campus Coordinator in Developer Weekend, 2019
  • Campus Coordinator in Google DevFest, 2019
  • 3rd Place in HACKFEST 2019 National Level Hackathon – REVA University
  • Google Hashcode 2019 – International Rank 4330
  • Actions on Google Hackathon
  • Organizer – CODESTORM 2019 – REVA University

Ongoing Projects which I am working on:

  • SNR Kolar Hospital – Web Development
  • Fluent Design for Web (Documentation) – React
  • Hisab Kitab - PHP

Projects I have completed in order of recency:

  • Corona Rakshak - PWA
  • Career Recommendation System – Flask, Python, JavaScript
  • REVA News – Not Released - PHP
  • The Code Drop Box - PWA
  • TEDx REVA University 2020 Website – Web Development
  • Fluent Design for Web – Front End Framework
  • Smart Garbage Retrieval System
  • Calculator - PWA
  • TEDx REVA University 2019 Website – Web Development
  • DSCREVA Website – Web Development
  • Anonymous Digital Voting System – C/C++