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Life Skills: Yoga, Physical Fitness, Health and Hygiene

Yoga @ REVA

To keep stress at bay and helps students tolerate the potential stress associated with daily life, REVA University organises Yoga sessions regularly. Yoga helps us to maintain the harmony of mind, body and soul. Regular Yoga practice also contributes to overall emotional well-being. Yoga not only means doing exercises but also helps improve intelligence as well as the enhancement of natural ability. REVA is committed to keeping young minds at peace and facilitating the realisation of self by organising Yoga sessions.

At REVA University, there are two Yoga sessions every day: Morning and Evening. The sessions are organised by experienced Yoga experts and empower the community in various ways including emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. Apart from the regular session, REVA also celebrates International Day of Yoga annually with various programmes and activities.

Grand Celebrations of the 8th International Day of Yoga at REVA University

REVA University celebrated the 8th year of International Day of Yoga with great fervour. The event held at REVA Rangasthala, Vivekananda Block commenced at 8.00 AM and continued until 9.00 AM.

The inauguration ceremony was presided over by Dr N Ramesh Registrar. The celebration was marked by the gracious presence of Mr Ashoka V, Founder & Director Pranava Yoga Prathistana (R), Bengaluru; Dr R C Biradar Pro Vice Chancellor REVA University; along with Dr Beena G, Controller of Examination; Ashwinkumar U Motagi Professor at REVA University.

Dr. N Ramesh Registrar lighted the ceremonial lamp to inaugurate the programme along with other dignitaries present on the dais. Students, faculty members and non-teaching staff attended the celebration and became a part of International Day of Yoga.

Dr. N Ramesh Registrar of REVA University addressed the gathering by explaining the significance and advantages of yoga. He said, “Regular practising of yoga helps to improve the body flexibility as well as mental health. Yoga is an effective form of exercise like swimming. Both ensure overall body movements and flexibility, yet, yoga consists of both body movements and pranayama. Hence, yoga not only improves your health but also your immune system. ”.

The yoga session began with the demonstration of yogasanas by one of the students of REVA University.

The Guest of Honour, Mr Ashoka V, Founder & Director Pranava Yoga Prathistana (R), Bengaluru, conducted a lengthy yoga session by demonstrating various yoga poses and exercises. During the demonstration, he also briefed about the essence of each yogic asana and breathing techniques. Students alongside REVA staff participated in the yoga session by following the Guruji. It was indeed an enjoyable and relaxing yoga session from the Guest of Honour.

The session concluded with a prayer and the guest thanked everyone who was instrumental in conducting the International Day of Yoga at REVA University including Honourable Chancellor, Dr. P. Shyama Raju and other respected dignitaries. He also urged students and Faculty to continue practising yoga for their overall well-being.