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Top 5 Career Options for Candidates with AI and ML Background

Top 5 Career Options for Candidates with AI and ML Background

Most organizations these days are focusing on data management and business analytics to achieve their goals. Artificial intelligence that works behind all these processes has brought a never-before revolution in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. There are a large number of examples where AI has integrated itself into our lives, and without it, we can’t imagine our day-to-day life. This is the reason artificial intelligence has emerged as one of the top career options these days. All the top colleges offering M Tech in Artificial Intelligence in the city of Bangalore have become a top destination for AI enthusiasts hailing not only from India but also across the globe. 

This blog sheds light on some of the top career options for those with a strong background in artificial intelligence:

  1. Data Analytics

Both graduate and postgraduate degrees in artificial intelligence these days are leading the way for a lucrative and rewarding career in the field of data analytics. It is one of the most premium subdomains of AI in which huge data are analyzed to conclude some concrete facts about a business or industry patterns. Data analysts, after earning a degree from AI and ML engineering colleges in Karnataka, comprehensively analyze data, make a comparison in past patterns, and deeply review the data intending to make predictions about future trends. Data analytics over the past 10 years has become a mainstream career option as more and more companies are relying on it to understand the exacting needs of their customers. 

  1. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are professionals who always remain at the intersection of data science and software engineering. These professionals make use of different big data tools along with programming frameworks to come up with production-ready scalable data science models that have the capability of handling terabytes of real-time data. Machine Learning jobs are considered to be an ideal option for those who have a background that combines the following:

  • Data Science
  • Applied research, and
  • Software engineering. 

All the top artificial intelligence course colleges in Bangalore are offering programs in AI and ML with a strong focus to inculcate the following in students:


  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Expertise par excellence in machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Neural networks
  • Cloud applications, and
  • Programming skills in languages such as Java, Python, and Scala. 

All the above skills also help students to be well-versed in IDE tools such as Eclipse and IntelliJ.


  1. Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence (BI) developers are the individuals who are responsible for processing both internal and external data of a highly complex nature to identify trends and patterns across businesses and industry verticals. For example, in a firm that deals with financial transactions, a BI developer could be someone occupying the position of a stock market data monitor to help people make better and well-informed investment decisions. For a company that deals in some manufactured products, a BI developer could be someone responsible for closely monitoring the sales trends to create a well-informed distribution regimen. 

Notwithstanding, unlike a data analyst, a BI developer doesn’t need to make any report himself/herself. These individuals are typically responsible for the modeling, designing, and maintenance of highly complex data accessible to business users through cloud-based data platforms. The concerned users just need to use the dashboard to serve their purpose. Some of the key skills required to grab the position of a BI developer include the following:


  • A degree in computer science engineering or the related field
  • Proven experience in data mining, data warehouse designing, and SQL
  • Excellent knowledge of BI technologies that include Tableau, Power BI, etc.
  • Excellent technical and analytical skills. 

  1. Research Scientist

The job roles of research scientists in the field of AI and ML are extremely academically driven. They form newer and more creative questions that AI answers. These individuals are experts in the following disciplines of artificial intelligence:

  • Mathematics
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning, and
  • Statistics.

Just like data scientists, research scientists in the field of AI and ML are expected to have a master’s or even a higher degree in computer science. Here is what hiring organizations expect from AI and ML research scientists:

  • Across-the-board knowledge and experience in computer perception
  • Deep understanding of graphical models
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Proficiency in natural language processing
  • Knowledge of benchmarking
  • Expertise in parallel computing and distributed computing
  • Proven experience in machine learning as well as artificial intelligence. 

  1. Big Data Engineer/Architect

Big data engineers and architects are the individuals who are responsible for developing ecosystems that capacitate different businesses, industries, and technologies to communicate efficiently and effectively. The job roles of these professionals might drastically differ from data scientists. The job roles can be more involved since all the big data architects and engineers are assigned tasks such as planning, designing, and developing certain big data environments in sync with Hadoop and Spark systems.

The hiring organizations prefer professionals with doctoral degrees in computer science or a related field. However, one can even bypass the set criteria by achieving a few years of proven hands-on experience that might work as the best substitute for a doctoral degree. 

Concluding Remarks 

Reva University offers B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning). It is a full-time program of 4 years for which the eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Pass in PUC / 10+2 examination with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the subjects - Chemistry / Biotechnology / Biology / Computer Science / Electronics / Technical Vocational subjects.
  • At least 45% marks (40% in case of candidate belonging to SC/ST category).

The program is advanced, futuristic, and industry-resilient, and contains a comprehensive array of courses associated with computation such as design and analysis of algorithms, computer programming languages, software design, and computer hardware. For more information regarding the admission procedure, hostel facility, and placement, one can get in touch with the university through any of the communication channels described on the website.