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Towards a mission of Atmanirbhar REVA

Towards a mission of Atmanirbhar REVA

The first week of April marked a significant milestone for me both personally and professionally. After months of unwavering determination and hard work, REVA University attained an esteemed A+ rating in NAAC accreditation. This achievement is a testament to our decade-long commitment to academic excellence and institutional quality enhancement. I am incredibly proud of this recognition, as it reflects the dedication of our faculty, staff, and students, along with the steadfast support of our stakeholders. It validates our relentless efforts to maintain the highest standards of education and establish benchmarks for excellence in higher education.

In our team meetings and discussions, I have emphasised the vision of creating an Atmanirbhar REVA, akin to Atmanirbhar Bharat. It's about achieving self-sustainability not just in infrastructure and facilities, but also among our students. Now is the opportune moment to ensure that every REVA graduate emerges as a leader and role model. My aspiration is for each REVA alum to create a ripple effect by generating at least 10 job opportunities for others. This ethos of empowerment and self-reliance embodies our commitment to nurturing future leaders who contribute meaningfully to society.

As we progress towards a Global University, we have introduced Artificial Intelligence programmes across various schools. These programmes equip our students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a world increasingly driven by AI technology. At REVA University, we are committed to preparing our students for the future of innovation and technology. With an added feather of NAAC A+ accreditation, we ensure our students are prepared for the future, staying ahead with new and cutting-edge programmes each year.

Similarly, our latest offering, the B. Tech in Agriculture Engineering by the Department of Agriculture Engineering, exemplifies our commitment to hands-on learning and innovation. With state-of-the-art labs and simulated agricultural settings, students are equipped to tackle real-world challenges in diverse sectors of the agriculture industry. I am personally very excited about this programme as we grow our vegetables on campus using grow bags and other techniques.

For me, REVA University's progress isn't solely measured by admissions, but by our impact on fostering entrepreneurship, enhancing staff skills, and offering industry-ready programmes. Our goal is clear: to provide every student with meaningful, engaging, and outcome-based education. NAAC accreditation isn't just recognition; it's a commitment to elevate educational standards. Engaging students and alumni in flagship projects like Vanamahotsava, Abhivriddhi, and Jagruti reinforces this dedication. I pledge to empower students with the knowledge to excel and make a positive impact. Together, we will continue raising the bar and setting new benchmarks in education.

As I often emphasise, this is just the beginning. The recent achievements and aspirations reaffirm our position as a leading educational institution and ignite further growth and innovation. Moving forward, REVA University remains committed to excellence in education, research, and community engagement. We are determined to continue making impactful contributions to society and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.