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26 Feb 2020

Report on Architectural Research Writing Progress Review Live Video

Report on Architectural Research Writing (ARW) Progress Review-Live Video Conference between School of Architecture, REVA University and Wellington School of Architecture, Victoria University, New Zealand. 

Course: Architectural Research Writing
Date:  Feb 26, 2020

Live -Video Conference organized for the course work of Architectural Research Writing (ARW) to review progress of students research work in conjunction with Center for Integrated Research in Architecture (CIRA), School of Architecture, REVA University (RUSOA) and Wellington School of Architecture, Victoria University, New Zealand as  a joint initiative to expose’ Student of sixth Semester to world-class quality research work that has the potential to publish as a monograph, short paper and  it can be presented in International Conference. The objective of this joint live- video conference is to get an external view point from experts to shape the quality of research works and how cross-cultural research knowledge help students to understand the facets of knowledge in multi-dimensional approach to solve research problem.  On the other hand, this will prepare the students of architecture to face critical questions from researcher’s who are excel in their domain knowledge. For this reason  we have invited well known researcher  Dr. Wallace Imoudu Enegbuma and Dr. Chitrakala  from Wellington School of Architecture, Victoria University, New Zealand. They have come forward to share their expertise in reviewing students research work. From the RUSOA, coordinating faculty (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siva Jaganathan) have reviewed and share his input too.  The proceeding of this ARW progress review began with short introductory speech by Prof. Dr.  Vimala Swamy to welcome experts from Wellington School of Architecture and respectively students of Sixth Semester School of Architecture, Reva University.  Prof. Dr. Vimala Swamy emphasized the importance of globally renowned researcher’s participation in the course like Architectural Research Writing (ARW) Progress Review impact on students’ knowledge and it will help them solve research problem and to understand the research process. Further, Prof. Dr. Vimala Swamy added RUSOA adopted unique curriculum that inculcate research knowledge to undergraduate students that par with international standards. 

Following her speech, students (in 12 Group) have presented their research progress on wide variety of topics (12 Research projects) that has multi-disciplinary approach in design that align with the India Innovation Index  to explore digital applications and its interventions in design thinking, and impact on construction Industry problems at downstream level. Most of the research topics are very new and it has strong relevance to build knowledge repository through CIRA, School of Architecture, REVA University. In this front CIRA have played pivotal role at its inception stage in organizing very first collaborative review session that benefitted students of architecture through Live Video Conference. This brainstorming-interactive session availed both ends to share knowledge and students of architecture learned a lot from panel members. This intervention set the scope for project-based collaboration that are highly appropriate to solve problem in Construction Industry- in specific to AEC, India. Through this CIRA, School of Architecture, REVA University marked niche and kick-started research that are borderless; relevant to contemporary of its time and spear heading to meet India Innovation Index (III) in research and development.  

In two and half hours of this ARW Progress Review-live video conference session - each group have presented their work in 12 minutes followed by question and answer session. This had given first-hand experience to students in learning from experts who are renowned and created an opportunity to interact with one of world best university researchers.  Dr. Wallace Imoudu Enegbuma shared his inputs for all the presented works. He cited that most of the research work, students had come up with objective that are very pertinent and through with the research process. At the same, extent of the research work has to be confined to scope.  Similarly, Dr. Chitrakala pointed that presented research topics are very innovative and challenging to take research project that requires multidisciplinary knowledge at undergraduate level. She appreciated the courage of the students who are willing to take-up cross disciplinary approach in research design.  Along with experts from Wellington School of Architecture, Dr. Siva Jaganathan from RUSOA have commented on research problem and the connotations to frame research questions will define the scope of the research work. For instance, research project like MR should address conventional design studio which has the partial mix of digital application in teaching and learning pedagogy. “In that case student should think of developing framework that bring teachers and learners in collaboration to design studio project”.  This will enable both ends to actively participate in the realm of design development and to solve design through evolutionary generative design ideas. Consequently, it will extract quality works from students and as well knowledge shared by coordinating faculty will further be enriched due to artifacts that developed using MR instead Two-Dimensional Representation”.  Outcome of this ARW progress review -Live Video Conference created discourse in research. Comments and insights from the panelist provoked students thought process and approach to research lead them think beyond the ubiquitous practice. Sixth semester students of architecture have benefitted in all aspect interacting with panel member and argued their point of view as well receptive in learning new knowledge.  That’s the appreciable part of RUSOA students.

We would like to thank REVA management, members and students of school of architecture, with out their support it may not be possible to organize interactive session between RUSOA and Wellington School of Architecture, Victoria University, New Zealand.  Mr. Mahamad Imtyazulla Khan A N, relentless help in putting this live video conference together and provided all the technical assistance in coordinating with REVA IT team to make this review session happened on time. More than that Director Prof. Dr. Vimala Swamy who agreed on initiative like this really an impetus to coordinating faculty.

Report on Architectural Research Writing Progress Review Live Video