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Top 6 Career Paths for Agriculture Engineering Graduates

Top 6 Career Paths for Agriculture Engineering Graduates

Agriculture engineering is one of the most significant branches or disciplines of engineering offering thousands of highly-paid jobs every year in the country as well as the world over. A large number of students appear for the entrance examination conducted by the top B. Tech agricultural colleges across the country.

Over the past 2 decades, the demand for agriculture professionals has gone to a new high because of the ever-growing agriculture production needs of the country in light of the huge population. Agriculture graduates and postgraduates are playing a very crucial role in meeting the agro-production demands of the country while reaping the incredible rewards of the hefty pay packages. 

Agriculture engineers have a large number of roles to play in this sector with involvement not only in the improvisation of manufacturing processes but also in the effective and efficient production of agricultural products. This blog discusses some of the top job titles after you earn a degree from any of the top B. Tech agricultural engineering colleges in India:

  1. Food Production Engineer 

Food production engineers are individuals who are responsible for helping a company in preparing, packaging, and verifying different food contents. These can include everything right from vegetables and meats to grains produced in giant agriculture farms. Food production engineers also play a pivotal role in making sure that all the produced items from the farms are in the pink of conditions on the parameters of quality. They also monitor and supervise the packaging and shipping process when the final products are dispatched to retailers and distributors.  

  1. Agriculture Specialists

An agriculture specialist is an individual who has expertise in almost all agriculture fields with a special focus on different types of plants in a farming framework and also their production in the best possible way. These professionals have an in-depth understanding of the following:

  • How to place different crops?
  • Handling different plant needs
  • Maintaining good crops and the quality of soil
  • Planting a wide variety of seeds across different scales of seasons

Agriculture specialists are also responsible for working with engineers, processors, and packaging staff to make sure that each product maintains the highest quality before leaving the farm. As specialists in their field, these professionals can also opt for becoming quality auditors and inspectors making sure that all machines, tools, equipment, processes, testing procedures, and regulations are well in place for all-round perfection across the ecosystem. 

  1. Soil Technician

The primary job roles of the soil technicians are to maintain the soil on different parameters. The soil they maintain is comprehensively used across various farming endeavours among small and mega agricultural projects. Soil technicians are also responsible for maintaining favourable crop rotation as well as upkeep-related requirements that healthy soil always calls for, not only to stay all-time healthy but also perfectly hospitable for a wide range of regional and seasonal plants. Some soil technicians may also choose to visit and render their duties at different farms wherein livestock is produced for feeding and grazing.

  1. Freight Coordinator

Freight coordinator is also a very lucrative and rewarding post that an agriculture graduate or even postgraduate can hold after earning a degree from any of the top B. Tech agricultural engineering colleges in India. Freight coordinators are responsible for:

  • The handling of goods from processing plants to shipment containers
  • Monitoring of the packaging systems, and
  • Helping workers in loading the goods into the designated vehicles for transportation.

Freight coordinators at various times might also maintain the vehicles. They need to check in detail that the right fleet of vehicles is used for the effective and safe transportation of goods so that the end-products reach their destination with the best quality maintenance and nutritional value as well.  

  1. Research Associate

Research associates in the field of agriculture are the individuals who help research newer methodologies concerning production, maintenance, supply, and delivery. They also help team members in coming out with certain procedures through which overall efficiency and productivity can be increased. Research associates generally work in technologically-rich laboratories but sometimes they also need to work in the field to collect different plant samples to carry out the required studies on them. In the laboratory, they need to monitor the growth of the plant at regular intervals intending to get predetermined results. 

Research associates also might need to carry out studies on various new plants across seasons and scales so that relevant hypotheses can be created concerning growth and harvest rates. All this can mean bringing betterment not only in navigation tactics but also for the tools used in harvesting, rearranging harvesting schedules or bringing the required changes in planting methodologies.

  1. Process Engineer

Process engineers in the field of agriculture are the most reputed and coveted posts most candidates want the dream of grabbing. These professionals are posted in big-size agricultural facilities wherein they extend support to other staff members that include irrigation experts in creating various plans for the ongoing processes that call for the relocation of active plants or other moving materials.

Supported by irrigation and agriculture experts, a process engineer has the capability of making plans for the rearrangement of the entire agriculture facility while keeping all machines and plants quite intact. Process engineers at various junctures might also work on a commission basis because various agriculture facilities often need the shift or movement of different structures.


On the whole, there is no dearth of rewarding career opportunities in the field of agriculture. What the candidate needs is a degree earned from any of the top B. Tech agricultural engineering colleges in India. REVA University is a State Private University established in Karnataka State under the Government of Karnataka Act No. 13 in the year 2012 in Bengaluru, the IT capital of India.

The university offers a B. Tech Program in Agriculture engineering for which the admission notification is released every year in various mediums including the university’s website. Recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and is approved by the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and accredited by NAAC, REVA is ranked 6th among State Private Universities in Karnataka and 47th in India as per QS Asian University Rankings.