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Certification Course on Industrial Automation using PLC

Course Duration

42 Hrs

Eligibility Criteria

B. Tech in Robotics and Automation, Electronics and Communication, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


The certification program on "Industry Automation Using PLC" is very useful for aspirants who are passionate to build a career in the areas like Robotics, Mechatronics automation, Programming etc. Candidates will get an opportunity to learn domain knowledge on industry automation and different types of PLC programming using standard tools like Delta ISP, SIMATIC, CODE SYS, etc. The certification program includes classes on Industry automation, hands-on PLC programming and industrial visit.

Course Outcomes

  • To demonstrate knowledge of programmable logic controllers, and various functions of PLCs.
  • To analyse and interpret typical PLC functions.
  • To apply the PLC functions and associated circuitry to control systems.
  • To develop PLC programming to solve various problems in process industries.
  • Explore how the industry will change the current manufacturing technologies.


Sl.No. Details Topics
1 Week 1

PLCs- An Overview, Typical range of sizes of PLC controllers, PLC Hardware Components.

Introduction to PLC Software and PLC Ladder Programming.

2 Week 2

Basics of PLC Programming, Instruction Addressing, Branch Instructions, Programming Examine If Closed and Examine If Open Instructions

Hands-on Training on Fundamentals of Logic (AND, OR, NOT, Exclusive-OR)

3 Week 3

Introduction to TIMERS and Types

Hands-on Training on Programming Timers

4 Week 4

Introduction to COUNTERS and Types

Hands-on Training on Programming Counters

5 Week 5 Hand-on Training on Applications of Timers and Counters
6 Week 6

Introduction to Program Control Instructions- Master Control Reset Instruction (MCR), Jump Instruction (JMP)

Hand-on Training on Applications of MCR and JMP Instructions.

7 Week 7

Introduction to MATH Instructions

Hand-on Training on Applications of MATH Instructions

8 Week 8 Hand-on Training on Applications of MATH Instructions
9 Week 9

Introduction to Data Manipulation Instructions

Hand-on Training on Applications of Data Manipulation Instructions

10 Week 10 FBD, IL, SFC, and ST Programming Methods


  • John W. Webb & Ronald A. Reiss, Programmable Logic Controllers Principles and Applications, 5th edition, PHI 2009.
  • Bolton. W, “Programmable Logic Controllers” Fifth Edition, 2009.

Reference Book

  • Frank D. Petruzella, Programmable Logic Controller, 3rd edition, Tata Mc-Graw Hill, 2010.
  • M.Chidambaram, Computer Control of Process, Narosa 2003.

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