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B.B.A. in Strategy and Leadership (Dual Specialisation)(B.B.A.)

Course Duration

6 Semesters
(3 Years)

Eligibility Criteria

Pass in PUC /10+2 with an aggregate of 75% of any recognized Board / Council or any other qualification recognized as equivalent thereto.


Bachelor of Business Administration (Dual Specialisation) is three years under graduate program offered by School of Management Studies, the curriculum is advanced and aims at catering to the needs of advanced learners, it provides platform to prepare young minds with a positive attitude for excellent performance and committed service. Projects, internships, e-assignments, case studies, guest lectures, industrial visits and online tests form a part of the teaching-learning process. The program is designed to enable students to get an overview of the various aspects relating to launching and managing business effectively as well as giving them opportunity to specialize in functional areas of management that they would like to pursue in their careers. In addition to the regular degree students are encouraged to take up various certification programs offered by the school to enhance their knowledge sphere. Students also gain hands on experi ence through their exposure to Business lab and improve their communication skills they are introduced to language lab.

Course Curriculum

01Communicative English-I (Soft Skill)

02Language – II: Kannada (Soft Skill)

03Language – II: Hindi (Soft Skill)

04Language – II: Additional English (Soft Skill)

05Fundamentals of Accounting (Skill, Practical)

06Business Economics – I (Skill, Employability)

07Management Principles and Application (Skills, Employability)

08Organizational Behaviour (Employability)

09Indian Constitution and Human Rights (Skill)

10SDC – 1 (Skill)

01Communicative English-II (Soft Skills)

02Language – II: Kannada (Soft Skills)

03Language – II: Hindi (Soft Skills)

04Language – II: Additional English (Soft Skills)

05Business Statistics (Skill, Practical)

06 Marketing Management (Employability)

07Accounting for Business (Skill, Practical)

08Human Resource Management (Employability)

09Environment Studies and Public Health ( Skill)

10SDC-2 (Skill)

11Tree Plantation (Skill)

01Language – III: Kannada (Soft Skills)

02Language – III: Hindi (Soft Skills)

03Language – III: Additional English (Soft Skills)

04Macro Economics (Skill, Employability)

05Production and Operation Management (Skill, Employability)

06Financial Management (Skill, Practical)

07International Business Management (Employability)

08Leadership & Ethics (Soft Skill, Employability)

09Export and Import Management (Employability)

10Open Elective – Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship, Innovation)

11SDC-3 (Skill)

01Language –II: Kannada (Soft Skill)

02Language – II: Hindi (Soft Skill)

03Language – II: Additional English (Soft Skill)

04Cost Accounting (Skill, Practical)

05Business Research Methodology (Skill, Practical, Employability)

06Business Law (Employability)

07Total Quality Management (Skill, Employability)

08SDC (Skill)

09Business Policy and Strategy (Employability)

10Strategic Management (Employability)

11Leadership and Change (Skill, Employability)

12Leadership and Power (Employability)

13Business Plan Preparation for New Ventures (Innovation, Entrepreneurship)

14Project Feasibility Analysis (Skill, Innovation, Entrepreneurship)

15Growth and Diversification of Family Business (Entrepreneurship)

16Succession Planning in Family Business (Entrepreneurship, innovation)

17Introduction to Talent Management (Employability)

18Talent Management and Organizational environment (Employability)

19Digital Marketing (Skill, Employability)

20Retail Management and Services (Employability)

21Introduction to Talent Management (Employability)

22Introduction to Business Analytics (Skill, Practical)

23Basics of Python for Business Analytics (Skill, Practical, Innovation)

24Introduction to design thinking (Skill, Innovation)

25Business Models – Cases (Innovation, Skill, Employability)

26Strategic Brand Management (Employability)

27Branding and Ethics (Employability)

28Integrated Marketing Communication (Employability)

29Advertising Laws (Employability)

30Financial Markets and Services (Skill, Employability)

31Advanced Financial Management (Skill, Employability)

32Banking system in India (Employability, Skill)

33Banking operations (Employability)

34Introduction to Hospital sector (Employability)

35Management of Hospital services (Employability, Entrepreneurship)

36Introduction to Health care Sector (Employability)

37Management of Public Health system (Employability)

38Introduction to Hospital sector (Employability)

01Direct Tax (Skill, Employability)

02Business Policy and Strategy (Employability)

03Project Management (Skill, Innovation, Employability)

04Management Accounting (Skill, Practical)

05Financial Markets and Services (Skill, Practical, Employability)

06Entrepreneurship Development (Skill, Entrepreneurship, Innovation)

07SDC (Skill)

08Minor Project -I (Summer Internship) (Skill, Practical)

09Strategic Leadership (Employability)

10Strategic management and organisational development (Employability)

11Leadership and organization culture (Employability)

12Competency and behavioral approach to Leadership (Employability, Soft Skill)

13Managing Growth and Diversification (Employability, Entrepreneurship)

14Business Negotiation Strategies (Employability, Skill)

15Corporate and Family Governance (Entrepreneurship)

16Professionalization of Family Business (Entrepreneurship)

17Talent Management and Retention (Employability)

18Contemporary Talent Management (Employability)

19Consumer Behavior (Employability)

20International Marketing (Employability)

21Data Mining (Skill, Practical)

22Data Visualization (Skill, Practical)

23Design led Strategy (Skill, Innovation)

24Innovation through Design (Skill, Innovation)

25Internet & Social Media Branding (Skill, Employability)

26Internationalization of Brands (Employability)

27Marketing & Branding in B2B (Employability)

28International Advertising & Branding (Employability)

29Investment Analysis & Management (Skill, Employability)

30International Finance (Skill, Employability)

31Banking Technology & Management (Employability)

32Recent Trends in Banking (Employability)

33Organization & Administration of Super Specialty Services (Employability)

34Hospital Planning (Employability)

35Strategic Management in Health care setting (Employability)

36Management of National Health Programs (Employability)

01Goods and Service Tax (Skill, Practical)

02Operational Research for Managerial Decision (Skill, Practical)

03Major Project (Based on Specialization) (Skill, Practical)

04Goods and Service Tax (Skill, Practical)

05Goods and Service Tax (Skill, Practical)

06Operational Research for Managerial Decision (Skill, Practical)

07Marketing Metrics (Employability)

08New Venture Creation (Entrepreneurship, Innovation)

09Supply Chain Management (Employability)

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)


Graduate after successful completion of the Program will be able to make decision and apply suitable quantitative and qualitative techniques in solving business problems.


Graduates after completion of the program will be able to work with diverse teams and are expected to take up Challenging tasks and take better decisions in complex situations.


Graduates will be able to incorporate social, ethical and moral principles in professional and personal life.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

The School of Management studies was established in the year 2014 and BBA – Honors Program commenced in the year 2016, since then the School has defined Program Outcomes for the courses offered during the Board of Studies meeting. Based on the advice and suggestions of the BOS, EIGHT Program Outcomes have been formulated, keeping in view the Vision, Mission and Program Educational Objectives.

PO 1
Communicate effectively with various stakeholders using new techniques.
PO 2
Foster Analytical and critical thinking abilities for data – based decision making.
PO 3
Ability to develop value-based leadership ability.
PO 4
Ability to understand and analyse Global Perspectives of Business.
PO 5
Engage in Research and apply statistical tools and techniques for Problem solving and decision making.
PO 6
Enhance skills required for a particular domain by integrating practical and theoretical knowledge.
PO 7
Gain knowledge through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary courses.
PO 8
Apply knowledge of Theory and Practices to solve business problems and incorporate Social and ethical aspects in business.

Programme Specific Outcomes

  • PSO-1 Demonstrate understanding of the basic concepts and theoretical knowledge used in the different commerce and business related areas.
  • PSO-2 Develop ideas for start-ups through knowledge and skills developed during the course of the degree.
  • PSO-3 Apply different tools and techniques in solving problems related to Business and in day to day situations during their career.

Career Opportunities

The hands on courses on computers, banking, marketing, HR, finance, communication, people skills, leadership qualities, and personality development gives an overall eclectic dimension to the students of REVA to stand out from the rest. The management program offered at REVA has been designed in such a manner keeping in mind the growing trends and company requirements. This makes REVA a top choice of Global giants, who also happen to be our recruiters:


  • Indian / SAARC Nationals₹ 500
  • NRI Fee₹ 1000
  • Foreign NationalsUS$ 50