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Certificate Course on Regulatory Issues on Health and Hospital Law

Course Duration

20Hrs, Hybrid Mode


The Indian health management system and its current issues will be introduced in this course, along with other relevant topics. Students will acquire a sense of civic responsibility and accountability for maintaining the well-being of the neighbourhood. It will enable them to fulfil a legal obligation to act as good fellow citizen.

Brief Outline

Course Instructor: Ms. Sreevidya KV, Assistant Professor, School of Legal Studies, REVA University, Bengaluru.

Course Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.

Start Date: March 1, 2023, Tentative completion date: 31st March 2023.

Course Content: Refer to Annexure I.

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Course Aim

The purpose of this course is to introduce and examine the Indian health management system and its contemporary problems. The goal is to comprehend the law and policies governing the public health management system in India, as well as to identify major players and other stakeholders. It includes, but is not limited to, realizing that health is a fundamental human right. Additionally, an effort is being made to broadly comprehend the UN's and WHO's perspectives on health management. It also focuses on comparing the Indian legal system to that of other developed nations like the USA and the UK. Through this course, students will develop a sense of civic duty and accountability for preserving the community's health. It will empower them to act as a good Samaritan which is a duty cast by law. The format of the course includes lectures, current event-based case studies, study materials, expert training on first aid will also be covered.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to identify the various essentials and functions of health management system in India.
  • Explain the governing principles of health management institutions and health insurance companies.
  • Outline the nuances of new developments in health care and management in India and compare with world standard.
  • A good understanding of the relationship between the health care laws and fundamental rights.

About the Course Instructor

Ms. Sreevidya KV is an assistant professor at the School of Legal Studies, REVA University, Bengaluru. Currently enrolled in a PhD programme at REVA University. She holds a BAL LLB and LLM in Business Law from Kuvempu University and has cleared the UGC NET and KSET exams. With a decade and more of teaching experience, she has published four articles in national and international journals and translated a book. She has completed a funded research programme on “An empirical study on the enforcement of marital duties through arbitration,” which was benevolently blessed and encouraged by the late J. Dr. Sri Rama Jois.

Annexure – I

Unit- I Legal Aspects of Health and Hospital

Indian constitution – Right to Health – Related Judicial Pronouncements - sources of international health law - United Nations on health - Specific Laws on Health law - policies and regulations - pending legislations.

Unit-ii Contemporary Challenges in Health Law

Community Health Services - Physicians' Liability - Medical Care - Medical Emergencies - Malpractice - Medical Ethics - Telemedicine – Tort Liability of Hospitals Health Insurance - Medical Insurance Regulations.

Unit-iii Hospital and Health Care Management

Public Health - Public Health Administration - Health Care Reform - Health Disparities - Health Facilities- Health Maintenance Organizations - Medical Tourism - Rural Health.

  • Course Fee₹ 2000