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Certification Course on Business Analytics

Course Duration

30 Hrs

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate should have completed the first year of an Undergraduate degree.


This training is formulated keeping in mind the current needs of students to gain new skills and proficiency in Business Analytics. Students will be able to understand the role of a business analyst and how analytics adds value to the business by collecting, monitoring, forecasting, and planning using data. Business analysts are in-demand across a varied number of industries and help companies thrive and grow. In this five-day workshop students will learn to use analytical techniques to outline a problem and then find solutions for businesses. They will also learn to analyse data using data visualisation to build interactive dashboards, business reports, stories, maps, etc. Using business data gain insight into the various applications and approaches to implement analytical solutions.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the certification program, students would be able to:

  • Develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Business Analytics tools and techniques.
  • Acquire the skills of applying business analytics tools and techniques for data analysis and business decision-making.
  • Applying business analytics skills in a minor project having practical applications.


Sl.No. Topics Covered No. of Hours
1 Introduction to Business Analytics and Data-driven Decision Making 02
2 Python in Business Analytics 02
3 Data Collection, Cleaning and Pre-processing Techniques 03
4 Descriptive Statistics and Data Visualization 02
5 Predictive Modelling and Machine Learning Techniques 03
6 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting 02
7 Optimization Techniques for Business Decisions 02
8 Marketing Analytics and Customer Segmentation 02
9 Operations and Supply Chain Analytics 02
10 Financial and Budgeting Analytics 02
11 Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools 02
12 Ethics and Privacy in Business Analytics 02
13 Case Studies and Hands-on Exercises 02

Textbooks & Supporting Literature

  • Evans, J. R. (2017). Business analytics. England: Pearson Education Latest edition
  • Camm, J. D., Cochran, J. J., Fry, M. J., Ohlmann, J. W., & Anderson, D. R. Essentials of business analytics. Cengage Learning 2016.
  • Laursen, G. H., & Thorlund, J. Business analytics for managers: Taking (2016). Business intelligence beyond reporting. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Albright, S. C., & Winston, W. L. Business analytics: Data analysis &decision making. Cengage Learning, (2014).

Online Material

Would be provided by the trainer during the certification program.

  • Course Fee₹ 2500