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Certification Course on Python Programming For Mechanical Engineers

Course Duration


Eligibility Criteria

Students studying III/IV year B.Tech Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics Engineering.


This course will focus on the application of Python in solving and analysing problems related to Mechanical Engineering. Also, the course enables the students to write Python script for solving and analyzsng problems related to mechanical engineering courses like Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Machines, Thermal Science, Mechanical Vibrations, Control Engineering and Engineering Economics. Upon completion of the course, students can develop project in his/her course of interest which will save time in solving and analysing the problem.

Course Outcomes

  • Make use of the fundamentals of Python programming to solve real-world problems.
  • Apply features of object-oriented and NumPy package to develop computationally intensive applications to analyze Mechanical Engineering problems and interpret the data.
  • Use loops, functions, different libraries, custom functions to solve mechanical engineering problems.


  • Introduction to Python Programming and Its Significance, Python Program Basic Structure.
  • Introduction to Python Data Structures & Functions with hands-on projects.
  • Exceptional Handling with 'try-except', Math functions in Numpy and Example projects Data Exploration Functions with Application Projects.
  • Analysis of Beams & Kinematic Analysis of mechanisms.
  • Programs on solving Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Science and Control Engineering problems.

Textbooks & Supporting Literature

  • Mark Pilgrim, “Dive into Python 3”, A Press Special Edition, 2nd Edition, 20l5.
  • Mark Lutz, “Learning Python”, Oreilly, 2nd Edition, 2003.

Online Material

Coursera – Python for everybody, University of Michigan

Coursera – Python Basics, University of Michigan

Industry Collaboration

AQMENZ Automation Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

  • Course Fee₹ 1000 Per Student.